Number one suggestion.

Posted on May 14, 2009 by e-bro

My number one suggestion for those who are job-free is the same as my excuse for why I have had a dearth of posts lately. The internet is the new Judge Judy and Family Feud. Get off the computer and go outside. Some symptoms of internet addiction are: ignoring humans, boring people with inane Tweets, beginning to actually capitalize Internet because you think it deserves the same treatment as other pronouns. Between all of the blogs related to any number of fascinations you can think of, Facebook, Twitter, online banking, job hunts, e-networking, shopping, emailing, IMing and Googling, you could easily never leave the house. This is not better than watching "stories." I am not suggesting that you quit the information super highway altogether, I'm just suggesting that you get in the slow lane. Start actually talking to people. Me and my boymie need to start heeding my own advice. 


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