Decoration for your body.

Posted on May 14, 2009 by e-bro

I have been on a Jewelry making or at least a jewelry reconfiguring kick lately. I have also been reading a lot of blogs related to it. One of my favorite necklace makers is the Glamourai who makes extremely cute, vintage-inspired, layered necklaces sold on Etsy. I have also been addicted to ebay for cheap arm, neck and ear decor. Why not merge the two? You can purchase "lots" of things like this, this or this for a fairly low price and then either use old chains of your own or you can get chain by the foot at websites like this. With a few inexpensive tools and loop connectors you can string together a real neat necklace that people will comment on forever. You can start with a clasp, attach a quarter-inch loop and add different length chains with different pendants attached to each by smaller rings. Are you getting a picture of this in your head?

Get creative with your ebay searching, do you collect things? If so, search for "lot" and various other words for cheap collections of vintage jewelry. You can deconstruct the individual pieces and add different clasps. If you get really awesome at making jewelry, you can sell it and make money! There are tons of online shops, including Etsy and craft fairs popping up all over the place. Mission Indie Mart popped up a couple of years ago in San Francisco and has gone from a back-yard affair to a monthly big whoopsie that is perfect for selling and purchasing crafty and giftable items. Word?

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