Jock talking.

Posted on May 4, 2009 by e-bro

Something you might have time to do now that you don't have a job is blog. You might be wondering why there's a photo of a buff jock above. Well, when I google'd the word "jock" a bunch of nearly naked dudes showed up. In order to spare you those, I picked this one. He's pretty non-offensive, right? You now may be wondering why I would google the word "jock." Well, friends, I am moonlighting as a sports blogger. Actually, I have been doing that longer, so technically I am moonlighting as an unemployed know-it-all. I wanted to tell you sooner about Total Jock Talk, the sports blog to which I contribute, but we've recently experience a massive upswing in NBA-playoff related posts making now the perfect time. 
I suggest you run right over to that site and read all about exciting topics related to sports. If you don't like sports, perhaps you like snacking: Total Snack Attack
I am recommending here, too, that you start a real neat blog of your own. Do you have a hobby and some witty friends? Perhaps they would like to join the blogosphere with you as well. Do you like movies? Spend your free time visiting theaters of all types. There are lots of films to be seen and matinees are slightly less wallet molesting than evening flicks. Use your blogs to critique and review movies. That is just one idea, you're smart, so you figure out what the world would most like to read about. And send me a link, I'll be sure all of the other jobless people I know read it. 

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