Don't hate me.

Posted on Jun 23, 2009 by e-bro

Hi everyone. I apologize for ignoring you lately. There is a simple explanation for this, though it's not a pretty one. I HAVE NO MORE FREE TIME. At least for now, I am working. It is a temporary gig, but it is occupying my days. This is bitter-sweet. I miss the gym, the farmers market, my kitchen, parks, lunches, reading books, etc. For the past few weeks I have been exposed to something I had started to take for granted during my past four years of employment. At my previous job my coworkers and I were welcome to explore our personalities through fashion. We could wear whatever we liked, within reason. Some days we had fancy meetings, so we wore fancy clothes. Other days it was mellow, so we wore flip flops. I was also located a mere 2 blocks from my public transportation so I didn't get a good glimpse of the fashiony goings on in the financial district. I now have a 15 minute walk to my place of business (which shares a space with a strip club, no joke) and I am privy to all sorts of youthful outfit atrocities on their way to their first jobs out of college. You can tell the kids who are trying to patch together faux professional ensembles out of their Forever 21 stretch poly blend potato sack dresses, awkwardly comfy mall shoes, blazers their moms bought them and other items that they randomly decided were appropriate. The boys have it easy. The girls look weird. Until they get their first raise and get a fiance and upgrade to coach bags, Banana Republic and J Crew. They quit getting wasted at night so they have time to give themselves proper blow drys in the morning. No more ugly knot buns. Kids are cute, but jobs, my friends, are the opposite. I miss my free-time, at least until I find my perma-dream job. 


Randall says:

no hate here, just love for Miss FTC!